Other sub-folders and files will automatically be created when Arnega is run for the first time, and the number of Subjects, Topics and Media files will grow as the program gets used. Please DO NOT change the location or contents of these files and folders manually: most of the required manipulation can be done from within the Arnega program. See also the Arnega Subjects and Topics page.

If you extracted the files in Arnega.zip correctly, the following sub-folders will be found below the main 'Arnega' folder on your local hard drive (see the diagram alongside):

Mediafiles – Contains picture files (*.jpg and *.bmp) and text files (*.txt) for use with ALL Subjects and Topics.

Setup – Contains the files config.ini and utilities.ini, and the folder Pictures, needed to customise Arnega.

Subjects – Contains all the separate Subject sub-folders, and within them the Topics (text files containing the actual questions and answers).


Note that this software is provided as is, without any express warranties or guarantees of any kind. The author will not be held responsible for any outcome resulting from its use or abuse, including the nature and factual correctness of any material loaded on it or used in conjunction with it.


Tools ~ Arnega ~ Installation


  1. Create a new folder on your local hard drive. Give this folder a suitable name (e.g. 'Arnega'). Click here to download Arnega.zip [3.48 MB]. This is the main download, containing all the necessary files, the Arnega Manual, and a few sample Topics (see further below).
  2. Unzip the contents of Arnega.zip to the new folder. Be sure to 'Use folder names' when unzipping.

Create a shortcut to the executable program file Arnega.exe. (Note: It is not necessary to create a shortcut to Edit.exe, as the main Arnega program already contains a button to access the Editor).


Three files are critical for Arnega to run, and they must all be in the same folder:

Arnega.exe – Main program

Edit.exe – Program to create and edit Subjects and Topics

Default.jpg – Default picture file

The default picture file default.jpg MUST be present in the same folder as Arnega.exe. Note that this does not have to be the picture file as supplied: it can be any .jpg file. The point is that it must be a .jpg file, and it must be in the correct folder.

Other files included in Arnega.zip are the following:

Arnega Manual.pdf – this file

SPIonic_Windows.ttf – the Greek font which you must install if you wish  to use Greek characters in the question/answer sets

SPIonic_Keyboard_Map.pdf – the SPionic keyboard mapping, for use with the standard QWERTY keyboard