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Build date


24 Jan 2021

Moved About button to Help window.

06 Jan 2019

Changed the Add ('Insert new word') behaviour: new words are now inserted after (i.e. below) the word currently in the Word box; minor tweaks.

01 Jan 2017

Improved check for SPIonic Greek font at program startup; new, larger window for quotations; increased quotations to 50; other small fixes.

20 Dec 2016

Added shortcuts Ctrl+U and Ctrl+D to move a word item up or down in the list; can now use Esc key to cancel an incomplete add or search operation; increased quotations to 40; minor fixes.

09 Dec 2016

Added shortcut Ctrl+I to add a new item.

04 Dec 2016

Increased quotations to 30; minor fixes.

13 Nov 2016

Fixed: Focus is now returned to the correct control, when the SPIonic keyboard mapping window (Ctrl+Y) is closed; Test Yourself panel now displays correct font (SPIonic for Greek, Tahoma for Latin).

05 Nov 2016

Test Yourself: Random word is now displayed on the panel; added F10 keypress to customise the colour of the Test Yourself panel; minor tweaks.

18 Jun 2016

Fixed: Translation / Notes panel now retains focus when work is saved; added reminder to save work when closing or Change button is pressed; updated F1 Help window (added text alignment shortcuts); minor tweaks.

15 Jun 2016

Changed Master List to a modal dialog, and removed Refresh button; fixed Self Test in Master List; removed need to have at least 1 Vocab Item associated with a Translation / Note; added F1 (Help) to About and Master List windows; other minor tweaks and fixes.

09 Apr 2016

Fixed re-enabling of Self Test button in Master List, when a Search operation is followed by a Refresh; fixed main window colour problem (F7) in Help window; minor cosmetic changes.

03 Apr 2016

Added self-test and search functions to Master List; successful searches now display search text in red; added 'whole word' function for searches; added Help screen (F1 to access); changed shortcut for SPIonic keyboard mapping window to Ctrl+Y (or right-click); removed certain tool tips from start screen; added message dialogs to support error and warning conditions; other minor fixes (error trapping).

14 Feb 2016

Added Random Quotations feature(Ctrl+Q); added alphabetised Master List button (Ctrl+M); removed Duplicate button; added Setup folder (automatically created on first program run); added Colour Dialogs to change background colours; other small changes and fixes.

14 Jan 2016

Fixed display of vocabulary item when Word box is double-clicked to increase its width.

12 Jan 2016

Enabled the Save button when Enter or Ctrl+V (paste) is pressed in the Translation / Notes panel.

10 Jan 2016

Added button to increase the size of the Translation / Notes panel; increased the drop-down count of the Select / Create / Edit ... and the Font Selection combo boxes; added directions for using the Change button; fixed tool tip visibilities; fixed the automatic Save procedure when a different word list is selected; other minor changes.

08 Jan 2016

Restored visibility of the Greek and Latin radio buttons when the Change button is pressed (was obscured by the Format Panel); minor cosmetic changes.

05 Jan 2016

Enabled further Latin fonts for use in the Translation / Notes panel; added tool tips to show the font size of text in the Meaning / Description panel; removed the Insert Greek Text box; added shortcut combination Ctrl+G / Ctrl+T to enter Greek text (less cumbersome); updated About window.

03 Jan 2016

Added Copy Format button to formatting panel; added further tool tips; changed automatic backup function (now backs up a word list only if selected); fixed the enabled / disabled status of Add, Remove and Save buttons.

02 Jan 2016

Fixed text selection and tool tip problem in Translation / Notes panel; minor changes in About window.

01 Jan 2016

Initial release.