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24 January 2020


03 January 2016

24 January 2020

ARNEGA [Build 0022]: Removed registration requirement - now freeware :)

03 January 2016

EDIT [Build 0014]: Changed Greek font support (now ‘Greek’).

ARNEGA [Build 0021]: Changed Greek font support (now ‘Greek’).

26 October 2014

ARNEGA [Build 0020]: Fixed ‘Swop Q & A’ (font sizes, types, alignments); changed selectable font types to Arial and Lucida Console; added right-click on Close Button to shut down Arnega without prompting; minor cosmetic enhancements.

26 October 2014

EDIT [Build 0013]: Changed selectable font types to Arial and Lucida Console; minor cosmetic enhancements.

29 June 2013

ARNEGA [Build 0019]: Added compatibility for Windows 8.

29 March 2012

ARNEGA [Build 0018]: Added support for SPIonic Greek font (press F10).

25 March 2012

EDIT [Build 0012]: Added support for SPIonic Greek font (press F10).

05 December 2009

ARNEGA [Build 0017]:  Added compatibility for Windows 7.

10 January 2009

ARNEGA [Build 0016]: Increased number of allowable Subjects and Topics per Subject to 10, for the unregistered evaluation version (to allow for more meaningful program evaluation).

22 December 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0015]: Fixed Media File synchronisation error when using Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End shortcuts in Learning Mode; extended Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn shortcut functionality to Random Sequence in Learning Mode; revised tab key order.

12 December 2008

EDIT [Build 0011]:  Minor cosmetic enhancement; error-trapping fix in 'View and manage Media Files' dialog.

11 October 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0014]:  Added swap Q & A' checkbox for swapping the questions and answers around; improved arrangement and size of certain buttons on main interface; increased the number of quotations to 500; minor tweaks.

EDIT [Build 0010]: Added the shortcut of clicking directly on 'Default Picture' panel in order to select and add a picture (same as clicking the Pic button).

11 July 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0013]: Transferred automatic creation of Combined Topics folder from Arnega Module to Edit Module, to prevent 'Topic not found' error message during first program use; increased number of Quotations to 450.

EDIT [Build 0009]: Added randomising 'Shuffle' feature to Combine Topics function; enabled automatic creation of Combined Topics folder during first use of Combine Topics (see above); included code to update contents of Subject drop down list to include Combined Topics on first use of the Combine Topics function.

08 April 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0012]: Increased number of Quotations to 400; improved display speed of 'Version History' (About button).

EDIT [Build 0008]: Added button to view all Media Files in current topic, with linking options; added 'Enter' key shortcut, in the 'View and Manage Media Files' dialog, to link the displayed Media File to the current question immediately, and to close the dialog at the same time; fixed minor usability issue (focus) when changing font size etc in the Answer box; added tooltip hints to dialogs dealing with Media File manipulation.

30 March 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0011]: Minor functional improvement with Registration screen; increased number of Quotations to 350; included Arnega Manual in the primary download, Arnega.zip.

EDIT [Build 0007]: Fixed 'File not found' problem when attempting to edit a text Media File or a Topic, with a text editor other than Notepad, when the filename contains one or more spaces; fixed incorrect wording in Help screen (Tahoma font), and added 'Esc' shortcut tip.

14 January 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0010]: Fixed tooltip display errors on Arnega Question Panel when ending a Practice or Test; fixed tooltip display and other errors when ending Learning Mode in Random Sequence with 'Display each question once only' checked; minor cosmetic enhancements.

10 January 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0009]: Improved keyboard navigation shortcuts in Learning Mode (Random Sequence), and provided a Shortcut Help button; fixed certain incorrect tooltip hints.

EDIT [Build 0006]: Added tooltip hints for non-intuitive operations; fixed validation check when adding a (text) Media File that already exists; minor cosmetic enhancements.

09 January 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0008]: Fixed synchronisation errors with the Default Picture in the Customise unit; included duplicate file validation check when adding Default Pictures to \setup\pictures; minor tweaks and enhancements (tooltip hints for non-intuitive operations).

06 January 2008

ARNEGA [Build 0007]: Revised scale for Automatic Advance; extended Automatic Advance to Practice and Test modes; minor tweaks and cosmetic enhancements.

23 December 2007

ARNEGA [Build 0006]: Replaced certain Integer type variables with type Word, to improve memory efficiency; increased number of quotations to 300; minor functional enhancement (Randomise function).

EDIT [Build 0005]: Cosmetic enhancements and Progress Gauge added to Topic Preview; cosmetic enhancements and text box validation checks added to Combine Topics; replaced all Integer type variables with type Word, to improve memory efficiency; minor functional enhancement (Randomise function).

19 December 2007

EDIT [Build 0004]: Numerous bug-fixes and functional enhancements, relating mainly to 'boundary value' conditions.

16 December 2007

ARNEGA [Build 0005]: Minor functional enhancements, to bring program into line with the new Combine Topics feature; increased number of Quotations to 250.

EDIT [Build 0003]: Added Combine Topics feature; added JPG, BMP, TXT Media File check when saving a Topic; added 1000 question limitation, when adding / inserting / combining; minor functional enhancements.

13 October 2007

ARNEGA [Build 0004]: Extended Eliminator functionality to Learning Mode (Random sequence); minor cosmetic enhancements.

29 September 2007

ARNEGA [Build 0003]: Fixed Picture/Question synchronisation error when performing a search. (Thanks Andy!)

25 September 2007

ARNEGA [Build 0002]: Minor functional and cosmetic enhancements.

EDIT [Build 0002]: Changed captions of 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to 'Next' and 'Back', respectively (were ' > ' and ' < ').

13 September 2007

First website release.

01 January 2007

Initial version


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