Tools ~ Arnega

ARNEGA is a program, or rather two programs - Arnega.exe and Edit.exe - which enable one firstly to create Question-and-Answer files (using Edit.exe), supported by graphics and other text files; and then to employ these Topics (using Arnega.exe) for learning and self-testing. It is also possible to download already made Topics on a variety of subjects. Visit the Subjects and Topics page to download the program, and for a growing collection of ready-made Topics.


This is the 'front end' of the program, where the user puts his or her knowledge to the test, using a combination of Modes (i.e. Learning, Practice or Test) and Sequences (i.e. Regular or Random).

Questions are displayed in the ARNEGA panel below the graphic, and the corresponding answers in the KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM panel below that.

The question-and-answer files are created by clicking the Editor button. These  files are stored as plain text files (Topics) within appropriately named folders (Subjects). The tools for selecting Subjects and Topics can be seen at the top right.

The basic Arnega download comes with a few Subjects and Topics already included, as an illustration of what is possible. Further Topics, together with their associated Media Files (optional picture / text files to support or illustrate the current question), may be downloaded from the Subjects and Topics page.

The 'look-and-feel' of the Arnega interface can be customised, using the Customise button. Depending upon the particular Mode in which Arnega is placed, it is possible to search for words or phrases within questions, and to set an Automatic Advance interval for timed learning. These and other features of the program are more fully described in the Arnega Manual, which is included in the main download.


The Arnega Features page contains a list of program features.

The Arnega Installation page contains important information about downloading and installing Arnega on your computer, the file and folder structure used by the program, and other issues.

The Subjects and Topics page contains a more in-depth look at these related concepts; how to create a new Topic from scratch, and how to install ready-made Topics downloaded from the website.

The Arnega History page contains a list of all the updates to the two program files, Arnega.exe and Edit.exe, since their first release on 01 January 2007.

The Arnega FAQ page contains a number of Frequently Asked Questions about the use of Arnega.



This is where the Subjects and Topics are created and edited. It is accessed by clicking the Editor button on the Arnega Main Screen.

The layout of Arnega Editor is similar to that of the Arnega Main Screen, to facilitate the creation and editing of Topics. There is also a variety of tools for viewing and managing Media Files.

It is possible to search for questions containing a specific word or phrases; to preview an entire test; to combine a selection of existing Subjects and Topics into 'new' Topics; and more . . .